Collaborative shoot with Boshia Rae-jean and Jinaki. Used for social media and promotional material.
Designer: Sharufa Walker for Jinaki
Model: Boshia Rae-jean
Makeup: Rashida Bishop
Jewelry: Lingua Nigra
Hijab Wraps: Voile Chic
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Product photography for Senegal-based fashion shop Bélya
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Display content showcased at five-year anniversary pop up for Senegal-based fashion shop Bélya.
Founder/designer: Aissatou Sene
Models: N'Dack, Taylor, Muhammad
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Digital campaign for Kangol Fall/Winter 2016 collection. Used for website, mailing list, and social media content.
Creative Director/Photographer/Model: Julius July
Assistant Photographer/Style Assistant: Erica Genece
Models: Jennifer Burchette and Malikah Kelly
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Website content for Morado Lens, a podcast hosted by Cindy Rodriguez and Nathalie Farfan
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